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Resist jammer interference maintain social order

Perfectjammer 2022/07/26

  Radio frequency interference caused by jamming and spoofing is used to degrade a vital synchronization system providing positioning, navigation and timing information for critical national infrastructure.It also poses a risk to critical infrastructure, including power, telecommunication and transportation systems.

  For example, it can be used to hijack autonomous vehicles and send them on alternate routes.The baddies are always coming up with more and more threats, so we have to come up with ways to analyze and address them

Resist jammer interference maintain social order

  By replicating GNSS signals, a spoofer can fool a receiver into thinking that it’s elsewhere in either time or location.Typically, a small transmitter sends radio signals in the same frequency band as a GPS device.

  While jammers simply block GNSS signals, making accurate positioning difficult or impossible, GPS spoofing involves deliberate transmission of signals similar to GPS, but with incorrect location information.GPS jammers do not discriminate, usually resulting in collateral damage.

  Spoofing creates all kinds of havoc.Jamming a GPS signal requires little more than generating an RF signal strong enough to drown out GNSS transmissions.The resulting interference jams reception on GPS devices.GPS-dependent air traffic control, search and rescue operations, the electric grid and mobile phone services are all vulnerable to GPS jamming fallout.

  Much of this RF interference emanates from electronic devices, radio antennas or modems that are strong enough to drown out the relatively weak signals to Global Navigation Satellite System receivers.Spoofing can alter the routes recorded by vehicle monitors, or break geofences used to guard operational areas.

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