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Deploying cellphone jammers keep audiences watching musicals in silence​​​​

Perfectjammer 2022/08/05

  In my spare time, it is a wonderful thing to come to the theater to listen to a wonderful musical. However, the emergence of mobile phone products makes the situation different. Most people who come to a musical know some rules of the theater: silence should be the most basic need. Importantly, if not, it would be a disaster for the music-loving people around. Now there's finally a way to quiet the theater, and that's to install cell phone jammers.

Deploying cellphone jammers keep audiences watching musicals in silence​​​​

  The mobile phone signal protection device realizes electromagnetic interference through the wireless network that the mobile phone communication relies on, so that the mobile phone cannot enter the network, so that the information transmitted by the mobile network cannot be received, and the information cannot be sent through the mobile phone. The shielding may cause garbled interference to the messages received by the mobile phone during operation, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent by the base station, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to establish a connection with the radio station. The characteristic of the mobile phone is to search the network, there is no signal, there is no service.

  Jammers are the most effective way to prevent making and receiving calls from prohibited cell phones. However, they are not precise tools because they do not differentiate. They also affect contraband and legal cell phone communications. Additionally, jamming devices do not help detect and confiscate contraband cell phones.

  For now, jammers capable of distinguishing between different types of calls are not yet on the market.

  But the country has also fueled hopes for a quieter future. Cell phone jammer gps are illegal here, but that hasn't stopped Americans from importing hundreds of them. It shows how tired some people are from the noise.

  Imagine when you're immersed in the music scene and the actors are giving their all, and when the performance is about to climax, the audience's cell phone rings, which is disastrous for the rest of the audience and the actors on stage. Affecting the stage, such behavior is unforgivable. In the face of such behavior, theater managers cannot sit idly by. While having security personnel stop at the scene is one solution, it is more important to be able to give them advance notice.

  So choosing a phone jammer is a good idea. Faced with the different frequencies used by mobile phone signals of different operators in the market, choosing a strong jammer may interfere with all signal frequencies used by mobile phone signals. Additionally, due to the limited coverage of each jammer in operation, multiple jammers need to be installed appropriately according to the size of the theater to ensure that the jammer covers the entire theater, providing the best results for musical-loving audiences. I believe that people who really like musicals will be more willing to come to your theater.