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Safe Jamming GPS Signal Transmission System

Perfectjammer 2022/08/08

  Standard jammers for cars are installed in the cab by connecting them to the vehicle's electrical system. Their range is generally 10 meters. But there are other options for such devices, and they don't just block gps beacons in cars.

  The characteristics of the universal jammer are as follows:

  Not only can interfere with GPS beacons, but also mobile phones, Internet connections - this versatility is achieved because the device can operate in all available ranges;

Safe Jamming GPS Signal Transmission System

  Small size - the jammer can be easily carried in the car, carried around and placed in an inconspicuous place;

  Battery powered - The device doesn't just connect to a car or other vehicle, which means it can be used anywhere.

  The greater the range of the jammer, the better it is for drivers of larger cars. For cars, you can use the smallest range of such devices. To quickly turn off the GPS beacon, just press the desired button and the system will start immediately.

  Systems that track and show the location of objects are useful if you need to protect your car from theft, track lazy employees or children, pets, water, air, railroads. This is useful, but in some cases forces a person to hide from being followed.

  By using jammers that disable GPS beacons, drivers can benefit from:

  If the car is being watched by a thief;

  when the driver is in danger;

  If an employee of a courier service or other structure wants to deviate slightly from the route to resolve a personal issue;

  If a person desperately needs to leave the workplace and hide this fact from superiors.

  The system is rarely used in the office and in everyday life, but almost every car should have such a device so that the driver can hide from the prying eyes of strangers if necessary.

  The simplest jammers installed in the car will just block the signals sent by the GPS beacons to the satellites, and that's enough. Due to this effect of the jamming system, the satellite simply cannot get the necessary information from it, which means it cannot return the information in a processed form. More sophisticated jammer gps block not only signals that help reveal the location of a tracked object, but all other signals provided by mobile devices.