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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal Is Usa

Perfectjammer 2021/10/05

How does the mobile phone signal jammer realize the effective shielding interval? Many consumers indicate that the shielding device has no practical effect, and the specific shielding is half-short, but many are caused by incorrect methods. So today we will introduce to you in detail the precise and rapid method, how to check the shielding range of Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal Is Usa on the spot? The most effective way is to detect various mobile phones on the spot. The test should not be too one-sided: it is the most convenient, quickest, most convenient and most effective test standard to use several mobile phones with a variety of frequency bands to detect the actual shielding effect of mobile phone signal jammers on the spot. cell phone jammer Due to the limitations of mobile phone testing tools and the need to perform calculations after testing professional technical instruments, this method is the easiest for customers to grasp. The following way:

Prepare mobile phones in several frequency bands in advance, including: China Mobile, China Unicom, PHS, 3G (preferably three styles of 3G: Mobile TD-SCDMA, China Unicom CDMA2000, Telecom WCDMA), then open Cell Phone Signal Jammer Legal Is Usa and hold each For mobile phones, detect the reasonable shielding radius of the mobile phone jammer from near to far from the installation part of the mobile phone jammer. It is recommended that customers also detect mobile phone signal jammers. When inquiring whether the mobile phone is blocked, pay special attention not to just check the number of signals on the mobile phone. Because the number of signal grids on the mobile phone is sometimes falsely reported, it does not mean the real communication status of the mobile phone today. Too early to conclude that the shield has no practical effect. Instead, you should intermittently dial the phone to try to dial a local toll-free number or a fixed fixed landline number. Shield category.