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Are Jammers Worth Buying?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/09

  GPS trackers have become commonplace and can be found in almost every vehicle. However, beacons are not always positively perceived. For example, they are starting to be installed on work vehicles to track the routes of employee drivers. The latter are not always happy with this option, they try to interfere with the proper functioning of GPS beacons in various ways. Most of the time, so-called jammers are used for this purpose, which has become a headache for managers.

Are Jammers Worth Buying

  A GPS jammer is a small device designed to interfere with positioning signals from satellites. Therefore, it becomes impossible to track the movement of the vehicle using GPS navigators, bugs or trackers. Practice has shown that a working jammer is capable of interrupting signals within a 15-meter radius. This is also sufficient for freight.

  After the device is connected to the mains, the jammer begins to generate radio interference in the form of noise. They are transmitted at the frequency of the desired signal. The more powerful the jammer "sends" the jamming, the farther its radius is, and the lower the probability of receiving a satellite signal.

  The ubiquity of wireless communication suggests that access to it needs to be blocked locally for security and privacy reasons.gps jammer are used in locating vehicles, driving routes, and even in driver's license agency exams.

  The general principle of operation of a cellular jammer is simple - it emits a signal in the same frequency range as the device that needs to suppress the signal. Devices that fight GSM signals create a "white noise" field. The signal from the cell phone is lost in it.

  Signal jammer devices are used in the field of goods transportation, in vehicles for personal use, by exam teachers to prevent students from using miniature headphones, and by corporate employees for official use. A device that blocks GSM signals is just what you need.