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Is there a way to stop or block the equipment of the music system in the store?

I work in a place where the first 40 music is constantly playing at high volume. If I can find a way to disable them and silence myself, it will increase my work day by 100 times!

2020-11-28 at 12:30


We absolutely know that sometimes loud music can sometimes ruin your day, so we have a solution that might suit your needs. As the name suggests, the in-store music system receives signals from satellites via the XM satellite broadcast channel. It can be blocked by wifi jammer. The whole system is quite stable, but as long as it is a satellite signal, it has a high frequency that can span a greater distance, and has strong penetrating power and weak signal power. It is really sad to see that there are fewer and fewer employers year after year, focusing on the needs of employees. First, they make you work in a very annoying environment, and then the employer may start monitoring you! Check if there are cameras near the workplace-you may be surprised. And we also recommend that you cover something on the webcam, which may endanger your privacy.