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The National Security Agency (NSA) admits that it is tracking people through mobile phones. How to hide?

Hi, I heard that such tracking is possible, but I don't know how it is done, and I also want to know if the NSA has the necessary resources to track people in this way. If all this is true, then I will need to provide some advice on how to hide this type of tracking. If the government tries to undermine my privacy, I will protect my rights.


The NSA recently admitted that it is monitoring people over the Internet. And we are sure that this is not the only area monitored by the NSA. For two reasons, they target mobile communications. First of all, mobile phones are indeed widespread. Everyone has one. The second reason is that modern smartphones are vulnerable to attacks and are indeed vulnerable to hacker attacks. If you read this news, you probably know that NSA can not only be used within the United States, but also can access any smartphone. Therefore, we recommend avoiding smartphones for the time being. It is much more difficult to hack old phones. Similarly, a wise choice is a universal cell phone jammer, which will protect you from any form of tracking. Your privacy is worth it.