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You need to understand the interference and health risks

Perfectjammer 2022/09/14

  Several factors are recommended to be considered before selecting a jammer:

  The frequency of devices we want to block.

  We want to interfere with the output power of the device.

  The output power of the jammer.

  The range is covered by the jammer.

You need to understand the interference and health risks

  The power supply is a battery or direct current.

  The time the jammer needs to run and its associated cooling system.

  Is the cell phone jammer dangerous to your health?

  In the past few years, you may have heard politicians or ordinary people talk about jammers, or you may have just seen one on one of those American TV series.

  Well, we must admit that this is a delicate issue that must be resolved with the help of experts in the field, not the barking of politicians whose only goal is to get more votes than other candidates.

  We should make it clear from the beginning that not every jamming device is harmless. The stronger the device, the more "damage to your health."Therefore, depending on the power of the equipment you are exposed to, the jammer does pose a health risk to humans.

  It is not only inaccurate to say that using interference equipment will not harm your health, but also the result of a person's lack of professional knowledge.

  A bomb signal jammer should have a certain output power to neutralize radio transmissions around the designated area; we‘re talking 100-1000 meters. To cover such a large area, the output power of the jammer should be between 25W and 200W per channel.

  Installing weaker equipment is equivalent to less protection.

  When the armed forces and the president travel to different countries on diplomatic trips, they are always arranged in different designated vehicles.