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How to protect yourself from government drone surveillance?

Hi, I have read the news about military-grade drones that will be used to track American personnel, and I want to know, is there any way to hide or disable surveillance? I did not do anything illegal, I just want to be safe, and not be under surveillance all the time!

2020-11-20 at 12:30


We are also really concerned about the tracking issue. We have conducted some research and may tell you that Perfectjammer may have a solution. First, you must understand how these devices work. In this case, learning how to avoid them will be much easier. First of all, you should know that those drones will be used to detect and track armed personnel. If you can stop it, you will blind the drone literature. Just turn on your smartphone and avoid using it for a while, UAV will definitely lose your footprint. But this is not very convenient. Sometimes you may need more powerful functions. In this case, our military-grade drone jammer will come in handy. If it is really close, it will block the phone and may even interfere with the communication of the drone.