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Cargo theft and illegal shipments disrupt GPS tracking

Perfectjammer 2022/09/08

  Since at least February 2013, various law enforcement and private sector partners have reported that GPS tracking devices have been disrupted by criminals engaged in nefarious activities, including cargo theft and illicit shipment of goods.

Cargo theft and illegal shipments disrupt GPS tracking

  GPS jammers are transmitters that block tracking devices from acquiring GPS broadcast signals by transmitting electromagnetic interference (noise) on the same frequency.They come in many shapes and sizes with different functions. When plugged into a standard cigarette lighter jack, a small jammer running in the car will interfere with GPS logging or GPS tracking systems up to a five-yard radius.Mid-sized and larger jammers typically block a combination of GPS, cellphone, Wi-Fi, and other signals and thus also prevent the tracker from wirelessly reporting any location or status data.In a test conducted by a federal law enforcement agency, GPS jamming devices were determined to be effective to approximately 65 feet.A large GPS jammer can disrupt any tracking device or receiver within a radius of several hundred yards.

  Cargo Theft Groups Employ Jammers to Mask GPS Tracking Devices

  According to information from the National Insurance Crime Bureau in July 2014, car thieves shipping vehicles to China used GPS jammers placed in shipping containers to prevent tracking of the containers.In 46 reported incidents, the thieves placed one or more GPS jammers in cargo containers with stolen automobiles.The devices are made in China and can be bought over the internet for about $14.The use of the GPS jammers was an apparent attempt by thieves to thwart the tracking of the shipping containers.

  According to a July 2014 report by the Drug Cargo Security Alliance, cargo thieves in North Florida used GPS jammers and a stolen refrigerated trailer with temperature-controlled cargo inside.In this incident, the tractor was replaced by a thief.Miami's suspect was finally stopped and arrested by Florida Highway Patrol during a routine inspection in central Florida; The goods are in good condition.A portable GPS jammer was found hidden in the trailer's refrigerator, connected to a battery in the fridge.The trailer, although not equipped with a visible GPS tracking device, was treated by the thieves as if there were a device on or in the trailer.

  Jammers, which are sometimes used to avoid cell phone distraction or evade surveillance, may generate “access by police, ambulances, ambulances, and fire departments by preventing the use of cell phones,“ according to the FCC.The jammer has no legitimate consumer use, although with limited exceptions, it is authorized for use by federal agencies.

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