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Is the minimum version of SSL encryption used by Android phones?

Hi, hello, I recently noticed some information on the Internet, which indicates that the Android operating system uses a weaker SSL version, which runs based on the RC4 algorithm, not the well-known reliable SHA1, so I want to know if this Danger?

2020-10-31 at 10:30


The latest research of perfectjammer found that starting from version 2.3, Android has switched to the more vulnerable RC4 algorithm. First, we must warn you that it is indeed not as reliable as the original SHA1. Due to these vulnerabilities, your cookie files can be stolen, which may contain valuable information, such as your login name and password. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid using Android devices to transfer valuable data. Smartphones collect too much data about your activities, which can also be stolen. You should be aware that the SSL protocol itself is outdated, it was created 15 years ago and may require a preliminary upgrade. However, if you need to securely obtain information now, please try to use a mobile Internet blocker, which may help block all wireless connections of your smartphone at least for a short period of time. The safest way is to use a mobile cell phone jammer Prevent surrounding signal coverage.