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How Real Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Problems Are Solved

Perfectjammer 2022/09/12

  Classification of positioning system technology:

  In fact, the current position positioning can be roughly divided into two categories: GPS (Global Positioning System, Global Positioning System) and LBS (LBS--Location Based Service), Beidou GPS positioning system. In terms of technical principles, GPS vehicle positioning is performed by receiving the latitude and longitude coordinate signals provided by GPS satellites, while LBS calculates the location of the mobile phone through the difference of the base station signals of mobile communication, which is often referred to as positioning through mobile phone cards.

  How GPS jammers work:

  The GPS jammers mainly releases radio interference waves, which can disable the GPS locator within the designated electromagnetic wave band, forming the same electromagnetic environment as the equipment used to block the signal. At present, it is mainly to shield the GPS satellite signal, so that the data can not be uploaded to the platform, and the equipment can not be used normally when offline.

How Real Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Problems Are Solved

  In theory, the GPS signal is masked (the current jammer can be masked with the LBS signal) and the car dealer cannot find the vehicle information. Of course, the premise is that the GPS jammer needs to be powered on all the time or the GPS locator removed, otherwise the car dealer can still locate it.

  Therefore, you can use professional confidential conference room anti-eavesdropping equipment. The first step, of course, is to prevent relevant staff from entering the electronic tools that are easily involved in the confidential work environment for testing, in order to further avoid accidental or intentional eavesdropping. Whether the mobile phone is in the standby state, shutdown state, boot state, unload the battery state, SIM card state, and so on. It will identify and alarm, and help staff determines the location of the phone. Really achieve the anti-eavesdropping effect of equipment.

  Of course, was to take into account the fact that the participants had lost contact with the outside world during the meeting, which would affect the staff's first access to information. Therefore, in high-strength security and eavesdropping-proof environment, it is also necessary to obtain good feedback and implementation the first time, and therefore this contradiction needs to be resolved. At this point, mobile phone security partners become the exclusive meeting place tools.

  The mobile security partner is split into two parts, one of which is bound to a mobile phone and one of which can be carried with you. Employees enter a secure and confidential environment for private use with some mobile phone partners. If the mobile phone receives a text message or phone call, the personal part of the mobile security partner will display information, content, and so on.Meanwhile.Simply put, it can only receive, not send.