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What is "eavesdropping"?

Romo Hector 2022/09/14

  Wiretapping is the surveillance of a phone by a third party, usually a covert agent. If it is done by a government agency, it is considered a "lawful interception".

  In addition, despite the use of signal jammer and other devices, but also found a successful case of eavesdropping.

What is eavesdropping

  So here's the question: How is this possible?

  The answer is easier than it looks.

  In order to fully protect a given environment, it is absolutely necessary to use multiple disturbers. The reason is that hidden microphones, commonly referred to as “bugs,“ use a wider range of frequencies than normal jammers can cover. There is no jammer in the world that can interfere with all existing frequencies.

  The portable jammer blocks wireless communications only at 2.4 GHz or GPS cellular frequencies. Therefore, a single portable jammer cannot prevent eavesdropping or recording your phone conversation.

  The moral of the story is that to fully protect a given environment, you need not only cell phone jammers, but also equipment like VHF-UHF radio jammers and white noise generators. The purpose of the latter is to prevent potential tape recorders from recording what is being said in a particular room or area.

  As with any form of investigation, most telecommunications interception is done through eavesdropping. The only solution is an encrypted phone, which provides security against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.

  The goal is to make "spreading the truth" a delicate thing to avoid any misunderstandings and misconceptions.