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Are jammers linked to crime?

Romo Hector 2022/09/14

  At first glance, nothing reminds us of the connection between the terms“Disruption” and“Crime”.“In fact, this is more than superficial.

  People must know the importance of having jammers, self-defense batons, and other equipment. Falling into the wrong hands is a threat to everyone around you.

Are jammers linked to crime

  1. Frequencies used by jammers requiring interference:

  In order to interfere with the equipment, first consider the frequency used by the equipment itself. Only in this way can we look at the products we intend to buy.

  2. The output power of the equipment we intend to phase out:

  Depending on the output power of the device, a jammer with a higher output power should be purchased to block the radio transmission of the device.

  3. required output power of the jammer:

  This is a basic point because to cover an area or interfere with a specific device, you should first know the output power of the jammer.

  4. Distance to be covered by the jammer:

  It is important to understand the environment we need to cover. The greater the interference power, the greater the distance covered and the smaller the interference power.

  5. DC, batteries, or both?

  Another important factor to consider is to know whether there is a DC power plug in the area where the jammer is installed. Otherwise, the device obviously has to be powered by batteries.

  6. The time the jammer must operate and its associated cooling system:

  When choosing interference equipment, the cooling system is the most underestimated factor. The latter is a mistake that cannot be ignored: without a proper cooling system, jammers will experience 3 main problems:

  After a period of time, the quality of performance will decrease exponentially. Its temperature will start to rise, permanently damaging its components.

  The device will have a shorter life than a normal jammer with a proper cooling system. Only after considering all of the above can you really be sure of choosing a jammer that is right for your specific needs.

  Blackmailers and corrupt organizations use Jammers because:

  1. suppressing cellular and VHF-UHF frequencies will prevent hidden microphones from transmitting data.

  2. GPS, LoJack, and GSM inhibitors are essential not only for car thieves but also for high-profile criminals whose sole purpose is to “dodge the radar“.

  So you might ask yourself the obvious question: Why do we, the Jammers Pro, allow everyone to buy our products?

  Because we can't be responsible for the mistakes of others. Making full use of our products depends on the users.

  Jammers can be used for several other good reasons and purposes, such as protecting one‘s own family, and needless to say, we care completely about helping to achieve good intentions.

  There are three main reasons why thieves use jammers:

  1. The cell phone jammer prevents the telephone dialer (alarm system) from making an emergency call.

  2. Wi-Fi and VHF UHF radio frequency blockers prevent cameras and camcorders from sending images and viewing pictures.

  3. GPS, LoJack, and GSM/GPS jammers cannot track the exact location of the vehicle.