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Why can't children use WiFi network to play games on the computer?

Is there any equipment that can help me solve this problem?

2021-01-06 at 10:30


I need your help and advice. My question is how to protect the WiFi network? Sometimes my children are addicted to the Internet and play online games. I can no longer control his behavior. I tried to prevent him from using a personal computer. However, I discovered that my child will always be sneaking online. I even put the password on the WiFi. Change or cannot be stopped.

Some of our colleagues often use WiFi to access the Internet through mobile phones. Can you recommend a wifi jammer for me? The interference distance is within 20 meters. Some of our equipment can help you solve WiFi network problems. First of all, if you change the password, you cannot prevent your kids from using WiFi, because the password may be intruded by software. But we have a way to prevent them from using WiFi. You only need to buy a WiFi signal jammer, and it can be a WiFi jammer within a certain radius. At home, we recommend that you choose a desktop WiFi module to ensure that the WiFi network is protected within a 40-meter radius. Similarly, many people worry that these signal jammers may harm the health of children. We can guarantee that there will be no impact and can be used with confidence. I strongly recommend you to use a WiFi jammer: portable WIFI signal jammer