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What is more effective if you carry a gadget or signal blocker?

Hello there! I need a privacy protection tool to ensure that no one can monitor me with the help of my smartphone. I need to make sure that I cannot track and remotely control my gadgets. The eavesdropping must be the same, and all data stored there must be kept safe. What signal jammer or "carry-on" product would you recommend?

2020-11-01 at 10:30


If you need to protect your smartphone-we think Off Pocket will be better because you will not disturb the communication of other people around you. Also, if you suspect that your phone may have been tapped, you can confirm it here. But the problem is that when you put your smartphone in your bag, it only drains the battery. The mobile phone will not be able to reach the base station and will spend too much energy to support the radio module. You must make a decision based on your needs. In order to provide simple protection, Off Pocket is enough, but to make sure everything is normal, a strong signal cell phone jammer will be better. But remember, you may also block someone from calling.