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How to protect yourself from hijacking?

Hi, I recently stumbled upon a new camjacking technology that uses your own browser and webcam to monitor you. I want to protect myself, but I don't want to turn off the camera because I often need it. Is there any way to achieve it?

2020-11-16 at 12:30


This exploit can work well on Windows 8 and Mac OS, but it cannot be guaranteed to work on Windows 7 or earlier and Ubuntu. Therefore, in fact, your webcam may be used to monitor you, and there are two possible ways to prevent this from happening. First-avoid suspicious sites, they may collect information about you. Second-use a camera with an LED working indicator or a folding screen to cover the lens. If we are talking about a wireless camera, please use a wifi jammer device to block it when it is not needed. In any case, we recommend avoiding the use of wireless cameras because the information they send to the PC may be intercepted, and in fact, Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to attacks and may cause you harm. But hacking techniques can pose real dangers to laptop and tablet users. Their cameras are built-in, and in most cases, they do not have a screen or LED indicator. In this case, the solution will be to reject all incoming connections to the Flash Player plug-in.