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Will mobile phone jammers affect the surrounding magnetic field?

The use of mobile phone jammer will affect the surrounding magnetic field to change? Will it reject others' tracking?

2021-05-22 at 10:30


As long as modern robots can do many things, such as jumping, flying and maintaining balance, most people can use robots to hide and monitor people who don’t know day and night. One of them may be you. You can use cell phone jammer on the robot to protect yourself from increasing threats. This type of tracking does not affect the earth's magnetic field, so it cannot be avoided. The indoor tracking system can also work without using radio signals. Implementing this Finnish solution in the field may introduce a new type of indoor surveillance. Installed in each building, you can track location information without using a smartphone. I can't do anything. The only thing you can do is to avoid location solutions based on Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth interfering devices. For this reason, indoor tracking mobile phone jammers can be used to protect privacy before magnetic tracking technology is no longer used worldwide.