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Is it safe to use mobile banking apps on your smartphone?

I often use mobile banking, and recently I discovered that my bank has released a mobile banking application on Google Play. I want to know is it safe to use these applications? I am not a real experienced user, and I am worried that someone may hack into my account. What can you tell me?

2020-11-24 at 12:30


First of all, you should know that any application may be against you. We recently wrote an article about a bug found in the Android OS kernel. This bug may turn any application into a malicious application, so it can be dangerous from a literary perspective. Please consider the following facts: If your workload is large, please do not trade convenience for safety. However, there are some things you can do to make your smartphone more secure. In addition, you should pay attention to safe mobile banking rules. We don’t recommend using these mobile banking apps because they may compromise the security of your bank account. Also, when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, please avoid using your mobile banking apps, as long as these networks are vulnerable and hackers may be able to intercept your traffic. If you do this-it is better to prepare a wifi jammer that can block the smartphone's internet connection for only a few seconds, so your account will be safe.