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How To Use Tile Tools Safely?

Hi, I want to know how the Tile tool works, I didn't get it from the description. Tile seems to be a very useful gadget, but it is very good to make sure it is safe.

2020-10-07 at 10:30


First of all, you should know that it is only available for iOS devices, and you must download and install the app to use the gadget. We also reviewed the Tile widget-you can see it here. Also, please remember that it will only help you find what it is attached to, but it will not be found without your help. Another problem you may encounter when using this gadget is that WiFi has a limited reception range, so if you are too far away from an object, you will not find it. Any signal interference caused by obstacles and other transmitters (such as wifi jammer) will interfere with the work of the Tile. But for home use, this is a very interesting gadget at a reasonable price.