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Can I legally remove the GPS tracker I found in my car

Cox Nicole 2022/09/08

  As with all crimes, tampering with evidence requires criminal intent.You could be arrested, charged with anything.Evidence is needed only for a conviction.Harassment, arrest and threat of prosecution are common tactics in investigating major crimes.

Can I legally remove the GPS tracker I found in my car

  I‘m going to assume you‘re probably a teenager, this is your first car, and it‘s owned and paid for by your parents.If we're talking about another scene, just find it and tear it up.In fact, you have no say in what they put or don't put in your car.However, I can think of a method that is likely to work:

  Have adult conversations with your parents

  Think about some reasons why you shouldn‘t have GPS in your car, like having a car symbolizes more independence and responsibility, they should trust you, etc.Think of a few.When you talk to them about it, act like an adult.Don't complain, don't complain, don't say how much you hate it, I hope you can be alone.It just gives them more reasons to put it there.Talk openly, let them share their opinions, and most importantly: if they say no, don't complain. You can always try again later when they have evidence that you have been following their directions and not going places without their permission/knowledge.This will build their trust in you and allow you to prove why they should cancel it.

  A GPS jammers can block such a signal, not allowing location to be obtained. If a jammer interferes with airport equipment, roadside automatic weather station or blind personal positioning equipment, be prepared to go to jail.