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Can I Buy A Cheap Cell Phone Jammer in Australia?

Hi, everyone. I wonder where I can buy a cheap jammer in Australia. I forgot to mention that I need to interfere with the distance. It is best to have 30 to 40 m

asked Feb. 15 '19 at 15:47


Hi, Grover
This is a difficult thing to do. It is well known that Australian shops do not sell such products. If you must, try your luck in Canberra.
Of course, it's easy to buy cheap cell phone jammer. You know, there are a lot of them on the Internet. For example, Perfectjammer, America's largest online jammer store. This is an established retail and wholesale store that has operated jammers for decades. Here, you can always find the most advanced jammers.

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Asked: Feb.15 15:47

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