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Common military jammers in daily life

Perfectjammer 2022/09/09

  Praying in a church is a very sacred thing. In order to prevent the noise in the middle, the prayer was interrupted. The minister will also install military jammers inside the church, which will interfere with cell phone signals without worrying about affecting the regular operation of other electronic equipment around the church. In some schools, the school will also buy some military shielding, to prevent the use of some electronic devices during the examination cheating, and to ensure the fairness of candidates.

Common military jammers in daily life

  With the development of unmanned technology, wireless technology, and artificial intelligence, jammers are widely used in daily life, and some military jamming devices are installed in some places with high confidentiality to ensure data security. In the research unit, research institutions to protect research data will put military jamming devices in the research room, on the one hand, to interfere with internal personnel who may steal data from the device, and on the other hand, to prevent outside attacks on scientific research equipment.

  In a large conference room, in order to ensure that the conference is not disturbed during the meeting and the conference content is confidential, a high-power signal jammer is used to intercept the eavesdropping of the monitoring device. In prisons, in order to prevent criminals who are imprisoned from contacting the outside world and avoiding the possibility of certain prisoners escaping, a military signal jammer is placed around the prison, and the connection with the outside of the prison is cut off. Only the corresponding signal spectrum communication can guarantee the security of the prison.

  We know that military jammers are mainly used for military activities, and military GPS jammers are generally designed for high output power, which can effectively interfere with cell phone signals in CDMA GSM DCS PCS GPS WIFI 3G and other frequency bands. For example, some interference equipment used in prisons can meet the requirements of outdoor and indoor use at the same time, and some even adopt the waterproof and shockproof design, which is convenient to use. Military jammers are not only used in the military field but are often used in other fields.

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