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Is there a patch for the new Android .apk vulnerability?

Hello, I have read about the new .apk vulnerability in Android OS, and I want to learn more. Is there a chance that a patch can solve this problem, and what measures should be taken to avoid this problem?

2020-11-22 at 12:30


Bluebox Labs recently discovered the recently discovered Android .apk vulnerability, which allows hackers to bypass the cryptographic signature of the application and modify its code without being detected by the Android OS and Play Market. You can learn more about this Android .apk vulnerability in our personal security blog. In plain English, this means that hackers may make malicious applications for any applications currently installed on your device. Bluebox Labs has notified Google of the vulnerability, and they have created a patch to solve the problem, and the patch has been delivered to OEM manufacturers, such as Samsung. Now they decide how long it will take to deliver the update to the customer. The only way we can avoid this error now is to carefully observe the permissions of our applications, avoid using third-party application vendors and use antivirus software. In addition, it is recommended that you avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, and if you suspect that your phone has been infected, use a cell phone jammer or turn it off and give it to a professional.