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There are some common myths about gps jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/09/08

Most field service representatives are aware of the rules and penalties of using GPS jamming devices to manipulate their location or driving logs.However, some drivers and representatives who don't want to be followed by managers inadvertently use GPS jammers.These actions may have a greater impact.

There are some common myths about them.

There are some common myths about gps jammer

A) Gps jamming devices are harmless when used only to hide your location.

Fact: Jamming equipment, also known as signal jammer, seems harmless at first glance.However, the possibility of harm caused by it is enormous.These jammers have the potential to disrupt critical communications services such as ambulances, police, 911 and firefighters. As a result, manufacturing, selling, distributing, and possessing GPS jammers is a federal crime in a considerable number of countries, with penalties ranging from hefty fines and seizure of jamming devices to imprisonment.

B) It is legal to install jamming devices that purport to block only the vehicle's GPS signals.

Fact: Any device that blocks GPS signals by emitting interfering radio frequency signals is illegal and cannot be sold or operated in a country except to a limited extent authorized by the government. Since it is difficult to determine what a device does from an advertisement, be sure to contact Law Enforcement/Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if you have any questions. If the radio transmitting equipment is not authorized by the FCC or marked with an FCC identification number, then people cannot legally operate it.

C) The use of a GPS jammer will make the current position invisible.

Fact: If field service representatives try to use GPS jammers to manipulate their location data and prevent GPS tracking, managers will know.While drivers may see interference opportunities as making them invisible, their furtive behaviour on the road is attracting more attention. So if the driver tries to block the GPS tracker with the jammer, the vehicle won‘t disappear; it will still appear on the live map as a missing trip.

GPS jammer is made to deal with various GNSS used today, and it blocks all commercial signals of navigation systems.Modular structure allows users to use it flexibly, that isThey can get all the signals at once, or only the preferred GNSS signal.

GNSS Navigation Signal Jammers are designed to defeat current navigation systems widely used for drones (quadcopters/multicopters), suicide drones, light drones and various other inexpensive “high precision“ weapons Modern anti-jamming methods in satellite receiver chipsets.

In summary, now that we know how GPS jamming devices work and how to use them, here are some examples of how these devices can be used:

: :The location of the hidden device or vehicle.

: :Hide, change or block the GPS device's location signal.

: :To prevent the precision-guided munition from hitting the actual target.

: :The ability to locate equipment, such as in an emergency.

: :GPS-guided drones can be shielded from navigation signals, preventing an opponent from successfully fighting.

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