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What Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Can Do For Your Business

Pode Visar 2022/09/13

  China is manufacturing a variety of high-tech space weapons: anti-satellite missiles, lasers, GPS jammers, and killer satellites, which Beijing says will give it a strategic military advantage in future conflicts with the United States.

  It comes in different forms at different times. However, because they planned to start a war in southeastern Ukraine in the past year, the drones flying by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe also encountered the same problem: the Russian troops on the ground were GPS signals, making them almost blind status.

What Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Can Do For Your Business

  It is believed that China currently has three ASAT-capable aircraft flying in space. Future systems may include on-orbit electronic interceptors, small satellites with robotic arms, laser weapons, and explosive satellites.

  It looks like a walkie-talkie, but this little box is more powerful than you think. When turned on, it can block any mobile service in the area.

  A man in Philadelphia is tired of talking on the bus phone, and according to Philadelphia NBC 10, when he doesn‘t want to hear the conversation, Eric will shoot the very disturbing man.

  "A lot of people were loud," Eric told NBC 10. When I dirty the antenna, turn on the switch, and when they're confused, they have little privacy or anything.

  It seems like someone is talking loudly with a cheap laptop jammer, and others around you are not polite, this is a common problem on buses, and this problem requires their voice to give them one in the dirtiest ways. So we suggest you use a portable 3G 4G 3G mobile phone interceptor and all GPS jammers on the bus. Only in this way can we restore a peaceful social environment.

  US authorities often classify GPS interceptions and deception as“Electronic warfare” rather than“Cyber warfare”.“ We don‘t understand why this is the case, because signal interference and deception will neutralize the equipment used by the end user, cut IT channels, and introduce false data into various systems. Detecting and preventing traffic jams and GPS spoofing can be a shortcut for network fighters.

  When you're not talking loudly with other passengers on the phone, you can use a cell phone jammer to eliminate this situation. When another passenger is talking loudly, almost 2G 3G 4G is a mobile phone signal, and all GPS signals: Band 1: 4G: 1710-17775 MHz, Band 2: GSM: 851-960 MHz, Band 3: DCS and PCS: 1805-1990 MHz, band 4: 4G: 2500-2690 MHz, band 5: CDMA: 725-770 MHz / 790-820 MHz, band 6: GPS L1: 1500-1600 MHz, band 7: 3G:2110-2170 MHz.

  Maximum coverage distance of 20 meters, the bus radio signal in the standby state, is to avoid loud noise, no privacy, no one's simple method. When you are bored, you can tighten the antenna, and turn the switch, of course, you can also choose a different working channel antenna. GPS tracking can also be blocked. If you're a frequent passenger on the bus, sitting in a phone conversation, a cell-signal jammer can help you solve the problem.