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How to prevent your phone from being tracked?

Pode Visar 2022/07/22

  Carrying a mobile phone when going out has become a habit of people. How to prevent mobile phone from being tracked and located? If we were targeted by criminals, it would be a threat to our lives.

  In the gangster movie series, there are some movie clips: the protagonist is preventing the tracking and decides to turn off the phone and pull out the calling card. But will it stop the phone from being tracked?

How to prevent your phone from being tracked

  On the software side, if someone takes your phone away, it undergoes special hardware modifications, so even if the software shuts down, the phone freezes, and the battery fails, your phone will be tracked.

  Generally speaking, this kind of software will call GPS and network when it is running, and the power consumption of shutdown will be relatively high, so if you find that your mobile phone is shut down for a period of time, you will find that the battery is obviously lost when you use the mobile phone every day, or the data is lost. consumption is obvious. This may be the phenomenon that your phone is being tracked.

  Ways to prevent your phone from being tracked

  In theory, the easiest and quickest way to do this is to remove your phone's battery. In theory, without an energy supply, your phone can't communicate with the outside world. However, this method has little effect to a large extent, and most mobile phones on the market have non-removable batteries, which are extremely inconvenient to operate.

  Using a cell phone jammers gps is also a way to prevent your phone from being tracked. At present, many mobile phones on the market do not remove the battery, so it is useless to remove the battery, and the purpose of the mobile phone blocker is different. Anyway, as long as your mobile phone blocker can be used, you can avoid mobile phone tracking.