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On the battlefield, jammers are the protection of soldiers

Perfectjammer 2022/07/27

  Depending on the jurisdiction, jamming cell phone frequencies on private property may be more permissive.This is a very common method of detonating improvised explosive devices.Some time ago, a special forces soldier was charged with the unlawful killing of an Afghan civilian. However, if the unit uses a jammer, a lot of time and hassle can be avoided.

  Double-check your local laws.Soldiers in question saw civilians with their cellphones and given the circumstances and circumstances at the time, as well as other indicators that only experienced soldiers and police officers would recognize, finding that civilians were using cellphones could activate an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

On the battlefield, jammers are the protection of soldiers

  For example, in professional security, a good jammer can prevent line of sight from being exploited.Jammers come in a variety of styles and strengths.This can lead to denial of cell phone communications, drone use, and various other radio frequency devices.They all have one key characteristic in common.And it's not regulated for military use.

  In today's tactical environment, radio frequency jamming is a critical electronic countermeasure measure.This device is designed to "interfere" with a certain type of radio frequency.

  First, understand that interfering with the use of public cell phones may be illegal for non-governmental entities in some areas.However, if the unit uses a jammer gps, a lot of time and hassle can be avoided.So be sure to check your local laws.During a formal hearing and trial, the soldier was acquitted.Let's start with the phone, one of the most frequently stuck devices.In other words, a mass disruptor will block electronic communication from one or more points.