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GPS Tracking on Cell phone

Perfectjammer 2022/07/26

  Some new units of mobile phones have Global Positioning System (GPS) cell phone tracking or E911 system. What is E911? E911 (Enhanced 911) is a system adopted by the U.S. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that tracks the number of the mobile within 100 meters. The government requires all wireless service providers to include such features to instantly identify and locate callers during emergency situations. While most people probably find this feature helpful, some will think it’s an invasion of privacy.

GPS Tracking on Cell phone

  So, how do you stop GPS tracking on your cell phone?

  If you are familiar with the internal circuit of your mobile unit, you can safely remove the GPS antenna located on the motherboard or inside the rear housing.

  This can be done by opening the back casing of your phone.

  Take out your sim card and battery to remove the rear housing easily using a small screwdriver and by snapping the sides.

  After removing, you can now work directly on the circuit board, look for the GPS antenna (GPS of different phones have slight variation in appearance).

  Remove it slowly and you can now assemble your phone. Make sure to back-up important information from your phone and do a format or full restart to remove previous tracking records.

  The disadvantage with this is that you might accidentally remove the Bluetooth or the antenna of your mobile phone. You can also bring your phone to a mobile phone shop that offer repair service and let them remove the GPS antenna for you.

  Mobile phone GPS jammers serves as an anti-spy gadget that interferes with the signal used for tracking your cell phone. Although jammers are prohibited in United States, United Kingdom and some Asian countries, it is available through the online market. Jammers for mobile phones come in handy because of its size. you must know the right jammer for your mobile unit. There are jammers available in the market that can only block the transmission of SMS. Be sure that what you are getting also disrupt the communication between your mobile unit and the tracker.

  Mobile phones with GPS features are surely provided with a GPS setting. You can modify it from the ‘settings’ found in the main menu of your phone. Look for either GPS, GPS services or GPS Location and turn it off. For some mobile phones, you can select the option, ‘emergency only’ to allow emergency tracker locate you when you dial 911.