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Will Cell phone jammer affect people's health?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/12

  According to rumors, a cell phone jammer with signal jamming function will be installed and used in examination rooms in many parts of the country. The device can interfere with and shield mobile phone signals to prevent candidates from cheating using mobile phones. In fact, this device has been used for special occasions such as many conference venues and churches as early as a few years ago, in case the meeting was interrupted by the continuous ringing of mobile phones.

Will Cell phone jammer affect people's health

  Every year in the exam, there are suddenly more discussions about whether the cell phone jammer is harmful to the examinee's health and whether it interferes with the examinee's normal thinking. Rumor has it that cell phone jammers can affect normal thinking. After that, reports about rumors that were harmful to the human body appeared in the newspapers one after another. The parents of the candidates are worried about such news and eagerly hope that the scientists will come out and give an explanation.

  At present, there are two main methods for cell phone jammers. One is physical absorption. Metal meshes and plates are installed outside the building to absorb the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone signal cannot be received in the house. This method is expensive and troublesome to install, and is generally only used in scientific laboratories with special needs. The other is to rely on the emission of electromagnetic waves to interfere with the mobile phone signal in order to achieve the purpose of shielding.

  It is impossible to say in general whether this device is harmful or not, and how harmful it is. Because it has a lot to do with the distance between the device and the human body, the transmission power, etc.

  The devices, like GPS jammers, emit electromagnetic radiation. The harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body has been a controversial issue in the world, and there is no authoritative research and data to explain this issue.

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