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How do cell phone signal jammers interfere with the signal?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/11

  There are many ways for mobile phones to obtain information, such as the most common Internet, and then SMS calls. Even Bluetooth can transmit information within a certain range, and radios can also receive information from a certain station within a certain frequency to obtain information. There are many ways, but they are all transmitted in a fixed-length wave, and the wave of the mobile phone is linked to it, which obtains the information.

Jammers interfere with the signal

  Then the waves are invisible and intangible. If someone doesn't want the mobile phone to receive the message, it is to block or disturb the regular waves. Those who have this ability are signal jammers. When the mobile phone is working, the wavelength of the mobile phone is connected with the radio waves of the base station, but within a certain frequency range, a certain wave frequency must be used for data and sound transmission. normal operation.

  According to the communication principle of mobile phones, GPS jammers scan around at a certain speed during work, and the scanned low-port devices will be interfered by another specific wavelength, thereby disturbing the wavelength of the mobile phone to receive messages to form garbled interference. The mobile phone cannot normally detect the data sent by the base station, so that the wave of the mobile phone cannot be connected with the wave of the base station, and the information cannot be transmitted. The mobile phone will display the phenomenon of searching the network, no signal, no service system, etc.

  The signal interference of mobile phones is divided into man-made and natural. Man-made interference is the signal shielding device, and natural interference is the environment and the problem of mobile phone hardware facilities.

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