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google wireless network can monitor our lives

Hello everyone! Does Google use our WiFi connection to monitor us, is this true? If so, then I want to have something that can protect me from it. Is there something similar?

2021-02-16 at 10:30


Google uses WiFi connections to monitor us. Well, not Google itself, but Google Street View car. As previously reported by the FCC, this is a software design decision, and absolutely deliberate. The incident first appeared in 2010, but it has ceased. Now, the case is reopened, revealing new details from time to time. This incident is called Google Wi-Spy, which shows that Google deliberately used Google Street View cars to collect personal data of Americans. I still believe that anyone’s privacy is an extremely important aspect of our lives, no matter how big or influential Google is-it must respect the privacy of everyone in the United States and the rest of the world.

There is no need to destroy the entire Google to protect your privacy from such intrusions:) You can prevent Google WiFi from snooping at home by blocking the WiFi connection of the Google Street View car. In this way, you will ensure that one of the cars will not steal your personal data when passing through your house.
I have also heard that wifi jammer systems are being installed in large department stores. These systems follow you with your smartphone and actually know which aisle you are in and what product you are looking for. Presumably, the system can determine whether you have removed the product based on the movement of the RFID tag. One of the applications that the system should support is to help generate tailored advertisements that will not only bombard you on your computer, but also on your TV using custom advertisements stored in the DVR and played during normal commercials Bomb you.