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GPS signals from jammers are potentially dangerous

Curry Mildred 2022/07/18

  Whatever the target of a GPS jammers, the devices do not discriminate, so there is usually additional collateral damage. Air Traffic Control (ATC), search and rescue operations, the electric grid and mobile phone services are all vulnerable to GPS jamming fallout.

GPS signals from jammers are potentially dangerous

  A small conspiracy of such people could easily develop GPS jammers and deploy them at randomly-selected times and locations, garnering a satisfying media frenzy.

  Authorities looking to arrest a jamming attacker could enlist citizen-volunteers with mobile phones having GPS receivers.

  CRFS recommends that law enforcement implement a wider strategy of spectrum monitoring to combat the rise in GPS jamming activity. Any organisation highly dependent on GPS services, whether a stock exchange or Air Traffic Control, is also advised to operate a dedicated counter-jamming system to ensure continuous protection of critical infrastructure.

  But however we approach this, we must acknowledge that there is a potential danger to GPS signals from jammers and confront the problem unless we want GPS is down to become the new normal.