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What are the advantages of high-power mobile phone signal jammers?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/11

  The high-power mobile phone signal jammer is a new product developed by using a special advanced technology approach according to the needs of the market. It can automatically form a shielding magnetic field within a specified range, so that the mobile phone cannot be played and connected, so as to achieve the mandatory ban of mobile phones. Purpose.

High-power mobile phone signal jammers?

  The characteristics of high-power mobile phone signal jammers are mainly high power and large shielding range. Using high-power mobile phone signal jammers can automatically form an effective mobile phone signal shielding magnetic field within the specified range.

  Compared with other similar mobile phone GPS jammers, the high-power mobile phone signal jammer has the following advantages:

  The product is cross-shielded with multiple channels (multiple antennas) to achieve the best shielding effect;

  The shielding range can be adjusted from 50 meters to 70 meters in radius to ensure the quality and stability of the product;

  After-sales service of products: longer warranty and more professional after-sales service.

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