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GPS jammers can make it harder to locate a stolen vehicle

Perfectjammer 2022/07/25

  The widespread adoption of automated fleet management and global positioning system (GPS) tracking solutions has helped companies streamline operations, improve driver safety, and improve compliance with compliance regulations.

  However, devices known as GPS jammers and cell phone jammers can interfere with the functionality of GPS tracking devices that are critical to real-time fleet vehicle tracking systems and cause problems for fleet owners trying to maintain fleet tracking and control .

  Because GPS-blocking devices come from multiple manufacturers, they vary widely in shape, size, and size, making them difficult to spot in a driver's car. Most commonly, GPS blockers work over short distances and are small enough to plug into a power source like a cigarette lighter or iPhone and block the signal from GPS trackers installed in the cockpit of a vehicle.

  Any fleet vehicle that uses an anti-tracking device has the potential to introduce unsecured hardware into the vehicle and allow hackers to access the in-vehicle telematics system and tamper with GPS systems such as navigation, positioning, and more. Some may see GPS jammers as a way for drivers to avoid telematics tasks and measures in order to gain a competitive advantage or because of concerns about personal privacy. GPS jamming devices also pose a significant risk to public safety and security.

  If a vehicle is stolen, GPS jammers can make it harder for law enforcement to locate the vehicle, affecting the company's schedule and possibly its operations if the lost vehicle cannot be found. This is why fleet owners should pay special attention to any modifications drivers make to their vehicles.

  It is important for fleet managers to be able to monitor driver behavior and vehicle health to support fleet safety and reduce costs.GPS jammers prevent accurate vehicle tracking, including distance traveled, time on the road, speeding incidents, and harsh driving conditions. The inability to accurately measure this data can lead to compliance audits, fines, and poor vehicle maintenance -- ultimately impacting revenue and safety.