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Curry Mildred 2022/07/19

  Signal jammers are inexpensive, easy to use, and readily available online to those who know where to look.However, this is certainly not the case. They can affect your daily life in several ways.

  How a portable jammer can be tuned to the frequency of a car keyfob, blocking its signal at the flip of a switch.

  This means a thief could watch you park your car, turn on the jammer before you press the lock button on the fob, and prevent your car from locking.

  Unless you happened to notice the absence of a click or light flash from your vehicle, you'd probably assume it locked and walk away, allowing the criminal to steal any valuables in the car.

  How a jammer can be used to interrupt a wireless doorbell camera by blocking its ability to communicate with the home's WiFi network.

  There are many other possible applications of wireless signal jammers gps, from covertly blocking cell phone calls to disabling GPS tracking devices.

  These uses are illegal, but as we know, motivated criminals are unlikely to give a second thought to laws and FCC regulations.

  For the safety of your family and your belongings, it's wise to keep their potential vulnerabilities in mind and take steps to limit overreliance on wireless devices.