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Whatever the user personal reason for using jammer and be cautious

Perfectjammer 2022/07/25

  People use jammers every day, despite employees preventing bosses from tracking their cars, high school students using them to fly drones in restricted areas, truck drivers trying to avoid paying highway tolls, and even undercover cops using them to avoid tracking

  And to prove that in the wireless world, the devices you use to evade detection can actually make it easier to find you.

  GPS jammers work by broadcasting noise on the same frequencies used by satellites, so the receiver cannot pick up the signal. Depending on the strength of the jammer's broadcast, it can disrupt GPS reception within a few yards or miles.

  The Global Positioning System relies on precise time data sent from 31 satellites in space equipped with atomic clocks; the receiver calculates its position by determining its precise distance from a handful of these satellites. It is not only used for navigation purposes, but also for precise timing, such as recording market transactions.

  Whatever the user's personal cause, jammers can pose a serious threat, disrupting satellite signals on which vital systems such as phones, airplanes, the New York Stock Exchange rely, and more. When one of these systems is in use, these systems can get out of control.

  If I plug this gadget into my car, it blocks GPS signals within a 16-foot radius, renders my smartphone's Google Maps app unusable, and disables any tracking devices that may be in my car.

  This may sound innocuous, but when one considers that thousands of lives and billions of dollars depend on a reliable and accurate GPS signal, it's easy to see why my little jammer and others like it are used illegally in the US , sale or manufacture.