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Block Junk Calls Cell Phone Prevents Phone Leaks

Perfectjammer 2022-02-28

MSN has long been banned by our company's investment and research staff. I'm a marketer and I need to communicate with the outside world. I applied to the company to use MSN, but the chat history must be kept for 5 years. A marketer at the League of Nations Fund responded to reporters. . is not the case. Mr. Li of the Marketing Planning Department of Cathay Pacific Fund also said that the investment and research department does not allow MSN, and the mobile phone must be handed over during trading hours. He is a marketer. Block Junk Calls Cell Phone Can be used with special approval, but the company has two computers. Multiple systems are independent of each other and are not afraid of information leakage. HSBC Jinxin Fund also stated that investment and research personnel cannot use MSN in the company, and investment and research personnel need to hand in their mobile phones during trading hours. A staff member of a fund company also told reporters that in order to prevent mobile phone leaks, the company spent more than 20,000 yuan to buy an Cell Phone Jammer this year. It took less than two months because employees were concerned about radiation from cell phone jammers. Will have an impact on the human body, collective resistance. In the end, the instrument bought for more than 20,000 yuan had to be scrapped.

The teachers practiced "Bright Eyes", the school gate was put in order, and the school pulled up the red line of "mobile phone unavailable"... "I also thought about using Block Junk Calls Cell Phone , but teachers also need to use mobile phones, this method will not work." Gansu Province The vice-principal of Ding Middle School said. Nowadays, more and more rural teenagers have a deeper understanding of mobile games. The reporter visited and found that many schools in Gansu had resorted to "eighteen martial arts" and staged plots in spy war movies. It's all about preventing students from bringing their phones to campus and preventing teens from getting mired in mobile gaming. According to the vice-principal of Jiaoshan Junior High School in Lintao County, the school does not allow students to carry mobile phones during school. When boarding students return to school every Sunday, checkpoints set up at the school gate can detect many mobile phones, as well as some "missing fish". It will also be discovered by dorm administrators and other students.