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How does signal jammer work it all do when setup starts?

Pode Visar 2022/07/29

  The only job of a jammer is to disrupt your signal reception and decoding. It does this by making noise. Noise is a broadband signal with random amplitude.

  This means that the jammer emits a composite signal of many frequencies, each of which varies continuously in random amplitude. The receiver is tuned to a specific center frequency for a specific bandwidth.

How does signal jammer work it all do when setup starts

  Smart signals have specific amplitudes and shapes that the receiver knows how to interpret. However, if jammer gps is present, the received signal has the real signal plus the noise signal, so the sum is not what was sent.

  So the receiver either couldn't figure out what was sent, or made the wrong decision. So the resulting signal is meaningless. This assumes that the noise is high enough, ie that its amplitude is about the same or greater than the received signal.

  This can be difficult to do because such a noisy signal requires a lot of power to generate and must be near the receiving antenna, pointing directly at it.

  So all the jammer does is generate a noise signal that interferes with the actual signal. It's as if you're in a very noisy room and you're trying to figure out what your friend across the room is saying. Everyone else is a distractor.