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How to choose jammer device for private and confidential project

Perfectjammer 2022/08/01

  In some U.S. military units, secret related units or secret-related meetings, in order to prevent secrets from being leaked through communication tools such as mobile phones, signal jamming equipment is usually used to safeguard secret-related projects. How to choose a signal jammer gps for secret-related projects?

  In order to ensure that the confidential information of classified projects is not leaked, when selecting signal interference equipment, it is first necessary to ensure that information will not be leaked through various channels. At present, there are many frequency bands for scientific and technological communication, so signal interference equipment must be in all frequency bands. Shielding, the 2G/3G/4G/5G network, WiFi, walkie-talkie, wireless headset, Bluetooth devices, etc. of the mobile phone need to be shielded.

  Then it is to ensure the shielding area. For example, if the conference room is 200 square meters, if the power of the signal interference device is insufficient, or because it is close to the signal tower, it is impossible to cover all the area in the conference room, so that the corner of the conference room can be sent to the outside world. signal, there will be serious consequences.

  Finally, the signal jammer device must operate with stability without disturbing the meeting process. The meeting should not be suspended halfway because the signal jammer chip or other components cannot work for a long time.