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How drivers can interfere with GPS jam?

Romo Hector 2022/07/25

  GPS spoofing and GPS jamming devices have become inexpensive and easy to use. For as little as $10, delivery drivers and long-haul truckers can disguise their locations so dispatchers won’t know they are taking long breakfast breaks or having a tryst at the motel 7.

  Nefarious drug runners and human traffickers spoof border patrol drones. Teenagers have learned how to use GPS jammers to block their parents’ tracking apps and for cheating. And dodgy freight companies can use GPS spoofers and jammers to change the time stamps on arriving or departing cargo.

  All of these activities violate Federal law, but they are a reality of living in the 2020s. These disruptions not only affect their targets; they can also affect anyone using GPS in the vicinity.

  The devices are usually small, and most of them are a snap to install. All a user has to do is to plug them into the car charger port and make sure the device is close to the GPS tracker. This way it can interfere with the signal.

  GPS jammers and spoofers take less than 30 seconds to power up. They can be taken out and plugged again as needed, covering up evidence of wrongdoing. This makes them attractive to criminals and unreliable employees (and delinquent teenagers) who don’t want employers, parents, or the police to track them.

  The characteristics of a universal gps jammer capable of drowning not only gps beacons, but also mobile phones, internet connections and other frequencies - this versatility is made possible by the fact that the device can operate in all available ranges. COMPACT SIZE - The truck unit can easily be placed in the car, carried with you, or can be placed in an inconspicuous place.

  The larger the interference range, the better it is for drivers of larger vehicles. For small cars, you can use this type of equipment with minimal operating range. To quickly turn on or mute a GPS interfering device, just press the desired button and the system will start or stop its work immediately and you will see how to prevent GPS tracking. Before buying a gps jammer, it's worth exploring what it does, knowing exactly how it cancels the signal, how much power it consumes, and other information. This will help the driver use the device at all times and out of range. Gps jammers come in different price ranges, it depends on power, range, design, etc.

  GPS jammers are easy to find. Do a search in Google for GPS jammers, and you can find numerous websites where you can purchase them including an e-commerce site called Perfect Jammer.