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How Do Know an Employee Is Using a GPS Jammer?

Romo Hector 2022/07/25

  Modern technology and opportunities are becoming more accessible and are often used by a wide range of people, be it individuals or small and medium businesses. In addition, GPS tracking (tracking the location of drivers, couriers, assembly teams, sales reps, children, etc. on a map in real time, and viewing statistics on their movements and stops) is now becoming an increasingly popular service for to family conditions and businesses. Everyone can use a GPS tracker, but there are times when you want to hide from prying eyes. To stop gps tracking, use gps jammer, there is no device in the world that can determine the coordinates of people and cars.

How Do Know an Employee Is Using a GPS Jammer

  Drive your car around the city or off-road and remain invisible - a dream that was no longer a reality a few years ago. It was going well, and devices that blocked GPS signals appeared on the market—what they called tracker signal jammers. Company employees engaged in the transportation of goods, courier drivers can also use signal suppressors. This is a great opportunity to avoid prying eyes entirely. Simply install such a device in one's own vehicle, and turning it on will block signals within a range of 5 to 15 meters, meaning drivers can be sure they'll be out of sight of any curious observer.

  The vehicle's standard jammers are usually installed in the cab by connecting them to the car's power supply system. Their blocking range is a few meters. But there are other options for such devices, which block not only GPS signals in the car, but also external signals.

  The good news is if you have one or more employees who try to use a GPS jammers to disrupt your fleet tracking system, you’ll know. While your drivers might think the illegal jammers make them invisible, what they do instead is to attract more attention to their behavior.

  If an employee is using a GPS jammer to disrupt the GPS signal, it will appear on the live tracking map or trip history map as an interrupted or missing trip. If they plug their jammer in during just part of the trip, you’ll see a line from when the jamming started to when the device was turned off.

  Some later model GPS tracking devices even have GPS jamming detection. Plus you can also create an exception rule that looks for GPS signal faults and triggers an alert or email when GPS interference occurs.

  Many people don’t realize that they are breaking federal law when they use a GPS jammer. But they do know they are breaking work rules when they use them to hide their locations from your dispatch office during working hours.