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How cell phone jammers affect our health

Perfectjammer 2022/07/20

  Research conducted so far suggests that there is little to no evidence to support this claim. In some mature rats, the effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields of mobile phone jammers led to a visible difference in some blood factors whereas the same were not altered in immature rats. A jammer’s radiations had no effects on the latter sample of rats.

How cell phone jammers affect our health

  However, there is this interesting research that shows that exposure of human sperm samples to radio-frequency radiation emitted by a mobile phone GPS jammers adversely affects sperm quality. The semen samples taken into account saw a decrease in their motility and an increase in DNA fragmentation.

  Thinking logically, any source of EMF (electromagnetic field) such as cell phones, laptops, etc. affects human health. It is safe to believe that jammers do the same as they emit radiation and create a bubble all around them. But the health consequences are minimal as long as output power is low or medium.

  The WHO (World Health Organization), based on scientific research, has claimed that current pieces of evidence don’t confirm the existence “of any health consequences from exposure to cell phone jammers and low-level electromagnetic fields.”

  It’s a totally different kettle of fish when bomb jammers are involved as they are high-power warfare equipment emitting powerful radiations. They normally have a very high output power which could be hazardous to human health if there is constant exposure.

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