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Advantages and disadvantages of metal shell signal shielding instrument

Perfectjammer 2022/08/02

  Metal shell signal jammer means that the main body of the signal jammer is a metal material, usually an aluminum profile, and the metal material is both the shell and the radiator. So is this metal shell signal shielding instrument good?

  First of all, let's talk about the advantages of this signal jammer gps:

  Low cost and relatively cheap price: Due to the large output of aluminum profiles, wide application and relatively low cost, this also greatly reduces the material cost of the signal jammer device, at least the cost of the special housing can be saved;

Advantages and disadvantages of metal shell signal shielding instrument

  Simple structure: the aluminum profile itself is the most commonly used heat dissipation material, with excellent heat dissipation performance. It has a certain beauty and craftsmanship.

  Then we talk about the disadvantages of metal casing signal jammer:

  Poor safety: Since the casing is a heat sink, the signal jammer device needs a lot of heat to dissipate for a long time, which will cause the temperature of the metal casing to rise rapidly, sometimes causing its surface temperature to rise even if it reaches 60-70 degrees, the human hand will not Do not touch it directly, otherwise there is a risk of burns.

  Poor anti-destructive ability: For this type of signal shielding device, the antenna is screwed on the fuselage, and the power supply is an external switching power supply, which is easily damaged. For example, someone maliciously unplugs or discards the antenna, or someone intentionally disconnects or damages the power supply. Such poor anti-destructive capability will bring high management and maintenance costs to users in the future.

  The product is not beautiful: the antenna of the metal shell mobile phone jammer is external and screwed directly on the fuselage. Today's signal blocking devices need to block more and more cell phone channels. When it needs to effectively block all 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and WIFI signals, a signal blocker needs at least 10-12 frequency bands. This is equivalent to requiring 10-12 antennas.

  When cleaning, do not re-wet, as this may allow excess liquid to circulate the disruptor and possibly come into contact with the instrument's internal hardware. Some chemical cleaning products have the ability to corrode and damage the protective layer of the panel, and must also be selected carefully. Avoid cleaning items that contain ammonia or alcohol.

  Dust and dust particles can be eliminated by wiping the signal blocker with a dry microfiber fabric. There aren't many essentials in the wipe path. It can be wiped vertically up and down or left and right.

  The signal jammer should be wiped clean in time during use, choose a suitable cleaning agent, and do not use water, otherwise it will cause a fast circuit.