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When Do Theaters Need Cell Phone Jammers?

Cox Nicole 2022/07/26

  With the rapid development of the economy, everyone prefers to go to the theater to enjoy musicals, dramas, stage plays, etc., so that those of us who pursue audio-visual enjoyment can find comfort in the depths of our hearts.

When Do Theaters Need Cell Phone Jammers?

  But when we are all immersed in the performance of the troupe actors and bring our thoughts into the plot, if a sudden and untimely ringing of the phone pulls us from the scene created by our mind, suddenly, back to the real world. I believe that all the audience present, including the actors, will feel extremely disappointed and even angry.

  Bringing jamming equipment to the US can be trickier. The Telecommunications Act of 1934 made it illegal to ban the use of public airwaves, and that's exactly what jammers do. In 2000, the Federal Communications Commission confirmed the ban on jammers. Only a bill in Congress could change that.

  But such a major change in the legal landscape becomes less far-fetched as public dissatisfaction with the Haw riots continues to grow. Last year, 57% of Americans liked to ban cellphone use in restaurants, theaters and other public places.

  GPS jammers can put lives at risk by preventing hospitals from calling a doctor at dinner or preventing emergency calls. More than 118,000 emergency calls come from mobile phones every day.

  Rather than relying on new technology, a better solution to cell phone nuisances may lie in promoting public etiquette.