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Employee playing with mobile phone in toilet in office building

Perfectjammer 2022/07/30

  Cell phones distract many of us — and affect workplace productivity. 55% of employers believe their employees are less than 6 hours a day productive, and more than half of employers believe that cell phones are the culprit.

  While their time cards might say they are putting in a full day, many employees aren’t devoting all of their time in the office to their work. Many are distracted by their mobile devices, spending hours each day texting, shopping or scrolling on social media. So, what can you do about it?

Employee playing with mobile phone in toilet in office building

  In fact, every beep, buzz and glow from our phones is designed to lure us while hijacking our time and distracting us. Short calls or texts here and there may not hurt productivity in a noticeable way, but overuse can become a big problem.

  It's normal to wonder what to do with employees using their phones for extended periods of time. Because of the habit-forming, ubiquitous nature of phones, it's important to address their inevitable presence and intervene when your employees are reluctant to put their devices aside.

  Mobile phone abuse often results in financial losses through reduced production, missed deadlines, and forced overtime. Loud cell phone ringing and distractions from private conversations can also frustrate other employees and lower their morale.

  Put a fine wire mesh on all the inside walls of the WC (the whole room and ceiling).

  This makes Faraday cages and cell phones inoperable.

  But doing so would cost too much money and time.

  If you really want to block, install a blocker in the toilets. After the blocker is installed in the bathroom of the office building, you can block the 4G and 5G network. The mobile phone jammer gps blocker is all-band.