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Jammer Anti-UAV Solution

Perfectjammer 2022/07/21

  As a rogue drone activist, implementing a jammer or electronic interference to dampen the use of drones is easily implemented as well.Concurrently, the latter two frequencies are also Wi-Fi frequencies which is widely used today in most smart cities.

jammer anti-uav solution

  However, GPS jammers, while able to shut down a drone, essentially shuts out the frequency which affects surrounding appliances, gadgets or tools running on that same frequency.Low-powered portable jammers, easily available off the market, can effectively shut down frequencies about 15 meters away and extended with amplifiers.Jammers works by sending out strong bursts of radio frequency similar to the target frequency, overpowering the real signal, disrupting the target from receiving any incoming signals.However, detecting jammers are costly and takes a longer process than to emit a jamming frequency.

  With that said, it can be quite costly (publicly and commercially) to implement an electromagnetic counter-drone solution as drones can run on several frequencies ranging from 433MHz to 5.8Ghz, with most being on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz.Using a spectrum analyser, usually costing from hundreds to several thousand, does not give an exact location of the jammer itself, requiring several data points before the seeker is able to pinpoint the rough estimate location of the jammer.

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