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Watch out for locker room wireless pinhole footage

Cox Nicole 2022/07/26

Beware of wireless spy cameras hidden in rooms in hotels, bathrooms, apartments, conference rooms, etc, but never mentioning locker rooms.

  All kinds of locker rooms should be careful not to be too much. Now, candid cameras have been developed that can be mounted on clothes hooks. It is based on a three-point principle to minimize damage; if the changing room of the swimming pool has to be completely dismantled, then it is only a matter of life, but it is highly recommended to look carefully for any equipment similar to the lens. These lenses can be as small as the size of the matching head, but their wireless transmitters are relatively large.

Watch out for locker room wireless pinhole footage

  In the dressing room with a mirror, in addition to carefully observing the hooks and probes that may be present in the upper and lower parts, try to take off the mirror, because there is a single-sided see-through mirror, and the other side can clearly see behind the mirror. Everything you do! Solution: Try not to change clothes that might be hidden in the locker room. If you really want to try on clothes, you should be very careful

  It is not safe to travel outside. There may be pinhole footage in any hotel room. Remember to turn off the lights when changing clothes.

  On the ceiling of the public toilet, the ceiling should pay attention to it, the water tank is also a place to hide the equipment

  In conclusion, we are currently in the era of voyeurism, and there is a strong demand to civilize various anti-voyeuristic methods, such as low-power radio jammers, such as radio frequency scanners, for the production of pinhole monitoring equipment, sales, use, and legal intervention.

  Again, we recommend portable wireless GPS jammers for you. Carry it with you wherever you have to do some private action, such as toilets, hotel restrooms and changing rooms. Low power and light weight. Wireless jammers can also block WiFi, providing double protection for your privacy.

  However, please note that this product is designed to protect user privacy and should not be used for criminal activities. So, make sure your activity is legally permitted.