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What are the Consequences of GPS Jamming?

Romo Hector 2022/07/25

  According to NBC News, Russia has blocked signals from U.S. drones over Syria, which has seriously affected U.S. military operations.

  Blocking or interfering with a drone's reception of GPS satellite signals is not complicated, "the GPS receiver in most drones is fairly susceptible to jamming".

  In life, many pilots have also encountered the problem of weak GPS signal or signal loss. Those who have not experienced 'bombing' or 'destroying aircraft' cannot experience the deep sense of collapse and helplessness of. Furthermore, GPS jamming devices have interfered with airplane navigation.

  The FCC discovered that a truck driver in a parking lot was using a jammer to disable a tracking device on his truck that he didn’t know was illegal. The FCC agent immediately confiscated the device and destroyed it with a sledgehammer. Luckily for the trucker, the FCC didn’t fine him for using the device, because others haven’t gotten off so easily.

  From the above incidents, it’s evident that some drivers are using GPS jammers to block fleet tracking and other GPS tracking devices, but is it a significant problem? That according to a 2012 UK study known as the Sentinel Project, 20 roadside monitors found between 50 and 450 daily instances of jamming across the UK. 9 out of 10 of those jammers were employed by fleet drivers or truckers.was broadcasting at the same frequency as GPS, meaning these trucks were potentially blocking GPS tracking.

  The US trucking association says they have found no evidence to show that large numbers of truck drivers are using GPS jammers,as well as taxis that were the primary type of employee to use GPS jammers, not truckers. That’s because most truck drivers are well aware of the regulations and penalties they can incur for using a jamming device to manipulate their driving logs or to hide from employers.