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The proliferation of wireless signal jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/07/19

  Our society has become increasingly dependent on wireless technology. We wake up in the morning and check our emails over WiFi, unlock and start our cars with the key fobs in our pockets, and use our cell phones to make important calls on the way to work.

The proliferation of wireless signal jammers

  When we go somewhere new, we rely on GPS to guide us. Stolen or misplaced items can be located with LoJack or wireless AirTags. On a larger scale, much of our military and civilian infrastructure relies on wireless communication. Unfortunately, these signals are vulnerable to another type of wireless device: signal jammers gps.

  Generally, jammers disrupt existing wireless signals by simply drowning them out with noise. By tuning a jammer to a specific target frequency range and blasting high-powered noise, tones, or pulses, a jammer can interfere with nearby receivers that are attempting to listen on that frequency.

  Traditionally, this meant disrupting radio communications, but the same core principle applies to other types of wireless signals — cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and so on. Jammer range varies widely based on the power and scale of the device; a small handheld jammer might be effective within 100 meters or less in an urban environment, while large military-grade jammer emplacements can easily reach hundreds of miles across open terrain.

  The most direct way this has been used in the past is to block signals that might be used to detonate bombs remotely. These bombs require a wireless signal (often using a phone) that can be jammed up like any other signal.

  Less obvious is the ability for a jammer to block a criminal’s ability to call outside forces. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as during a raid or hostage situation. It helps prevent criminals from coordinating.

  To be clear, these are tactics for law enforcement and those in the military to employ, but they’re one of the most important ways this technology can be used. Done right, it can save lives.

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